Filmmakers Focus with Doc Kennedy

FilmmakersFocus_300x300_FinalThis quick episode is an invite to all Dream Warriors to visit my latest project and why it’s got something for everyone! #leadership #mentorship #networking #workethic #freelance #entrepreneurship & more!!

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Think Enriched with Amy Robles

AmyRoblesFormer spender that’s learned the power of the nickel and dime, Amy Robles is on a mission to stop frivolous spending and help others create their enriched life.  In the past year, she and her husband have turned their financial situation around paying off $25,000 of debt.  She shares what they learn at WomanEnriched.  Her podcast, “Think Enriched with Amy Robles”  can be found in iTunes and Stitcher Radio.  She loves Downton Abbey and nachos, just not necessarily in that order.

Joe Pardo’s 31 Life Changing Concepts

JoePardos31LifeChangingConceptsIn this special episode we welcome back Joe Pardo as he shares about the release of his first book, Joe Pardo’s 31 Life-Changing Concepts!  Joe released the first episode of his show Dreamers Podcast a year ago.  Since then he’s been on the hunt in helping people make their dreams a reality!


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Living ALL OUT!! Thai Nguyen

ThaiNguyenThai Nguyen has mastered a lot in his seemingly short time on earth. Thai is a five star chef, kick boxer, international traveler, author, speaker mindset life coach etc! Hear from Thai as he shares his secrets to living The Utopian Life!

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A Veterans Day Tribute Featuring the Parents of a Fallen Soldier

TheJohnsonsIn this special episode we honor the life of 1st Lt David Johnson.  David’s parents Andrew & Laura Johnson share about the impact of their son on this world. Thank you to our Veterans and the families of those who have served.

David Johnson_2