Why You Should Make Unplugging A Priority

imageRemember back when peoples’ thoughts weren’t a click away?  Good or bad, you’d have to call or see them in person to hear what they were thinking.  Now we all have a voice online.  We’re free to say anything about anything or anyone.  All the cares and worries of the world are dumped right in front of us.

For me it can be stressful and weigh on myself.  I have to unplug.  When I go visit family I purposely leave my phone and computer either off or in another room.  I want to be available for true conversation with those I love.  But this shouldn’t apply only to vacations.  Most of you know I enjoy fishing.  When I go fishing, 90% of the time I don’t look at my phone outside of checking the time.  It’s a great way for me to unplug for a while, and just relax.

When you’re on a date, leave the phone off or away.  When you’re with your kids, leave the phone away.  Instead of checking whatever online, pour that time into the people who deserve it.  The ones who are right there with you.  They deserve your undivided attention and you deserve theirs.

Change always starts with you.  Make “unplugging” a priority and others will follow.  See how it effects you and those around you.  I promise you’ll see positive change.

Let us know times and ways you make unplugging a priority!  The way you do it could impact other Dream Warriors!

036 Leslie Samuel: From Professor to Online Business Owner

LeslieSamuelWho leaves a job as a professor to pursue full time business online ??? That’s exactly what Leslie Samuel has done!  Hear his crazy, awesome story and how he’s turned his dreams into a reality!

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3 Tips to Waking Your Dreams!! (and one Warning)


Have you ever felt like your dream is dead or maybe on life support?  If you have you are not alone.  For a number of reasons our dreams can easily be snuffed out.  I’ve been there.  I was there for years.  I lived a life of “quiet desperation”, although I was not all that quiet about it.  It doesn’t matter how we start, all that matters is how we finish.  My dream was brought back to life and yours can be too.


1.)  Surround Yourself With Uplifting People:  Jim Rohn famously said that “we are the average of the five people we spend the most time with.”  Birds of a feather do flock together.  If your dreams are suffering, chances are those you spend time with having troubled dreams as well.  If you want your dream back it’s vital you have people close speaking life into you.  If your friends don’t do this you’ll need to add some new friends to your circle.  You can’t choose your family, but you do choose your friends.

2.)  Positive In:  If we don’t eat healthy, we get out of shape.  The same thing happens with our spirit.  Jesus said “What you say flows from what is in your heart.” (Luke 6:45 NLT)   And what is in our hearts is mostly what we allow in it.  Garbage in, garbage out.  Positive in, positive out.  If you’ve been feeding on negative stuff, switch to positive stuff and see how it impacts your life.  I guarantee it will.

3.)  Take Action:  Take an actionable step towards your dreams and see what happens!  Take a step of any size.  Make a commitment towards daily action and stick with it.  This is going to wake and shake your dreams dramatically!  In my opinion, this is the most crucial step.  There are dreamers and there are doers.  Be both!

WARNING:  Once your dream is back to life the forces of evil will do all they can to kill them.  Don’t let that happen!  Be prepared for setbacks.  Know you’ll have failures along the way.  Know people will shoot down what you’re doing.  And this all likely happened before and is why your dream has been snuffed out.  This time put the blinders up, earmuffs on and walk strait into your destiny!

I’d love to hear from you regarding your dreams!  Have they been lit or are they snuffed?  We need each other in this fight for our dreams! 

Go & Grow

035 Jenny Hester: The Road to Restoration

JennyHesterJenny Hester is relateable to many.  In this episode she shares how she overcame childhood trauma as an adult.  She has taken her experiences and written a book to help people, especially women, overcome tragedy to become the people they are meant to be!

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