031 Keith Nerdin: Hobo Entrepreneur

KeithNerdinKeith Nerdin is a self-described “hobo entrepreneur.” In this episode Keith shares his journey and how he came about the idea of launching the hit podcast Hobo Entrepreneur! He’s a devoted husband, father and what he has to share will inspire you because Keith has a way of simplifying life!

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030 Mike Alder: Real Estate Entrepreneur

MikeAlderMike Alder is a real estate investor.  His journey of failing to success took over 10 years to achieve. Hear him as he shares his dream and how he made it happen!

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MichaelAlder.com – email Mike at michaelalder34@gmail.com

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Some Of My Favorite Podcasts


I’ve been asked what some of my favorite podcasts to listen to are.  At the risk of offending my peers, I am going to list some of my favs.  Please forgive me if I don’t mention your show or one that you frequent.  These are in no particular order.  These are just some I like to listen to for one reason or another.

* 48 Days: This show is near and dear to me because it was the first podcast I ever listened to.  Dan Miller is a great host and has great insight into the job and business world.  I always find 48 Days inspiring.

* Starve the Doubts: Jared Easley is a fantastic host.  I especially love how different the show is without being to different.  It’s one of the funnest business/lifestyle shows I’ve ever heard. The flow is stellar!  He’s a great guy with a great heart for people.

* EntreLeadership: I love Dave Ramsey‘s EntreLeadership.  The guests are great and the content is always with no punches held back.  Dave’s no nonsense mentality is right up my alley!

* Entrepreneur on Fire: This show has been incredibly inspiring for me!  As I was leaning towards leaving steady employment to branch out on my own I needed all the encouragement and advice I could get.  I’ve gained a lot through the amazing guests and John Lee Dumas. Loads of wisdom in each episode!

* The Carson Podcast: This one is a bit off topic from most that I list but I love it!  Comedian Mark Malkoff is a great host.  I listen can listen to him just to help myself grow as a host.  His knowledge of tv history is crazy good and makes for great conversations between he and the guests that come on to share their stories of working with Johnny Carson.  Fantastic show!

* The Leadership Dojo: Alex Barker has a good thing going here.  I love the questions that lead to great content from each guest.  He’s always got quality guests.

* Defining Success Podcast: Zeb Welborn is a great host and nails it with the niche show.  Zeb and his guests prove that success doesn’t come over night and that everyone’s idea of success is different.  Life is truly what you make it.

* Dreamers Podcast: I love what Joe Pardo is doing here!  He and I launched our shows roughly around the same time.  We talk weekly and have guessed on each others shows. He’s become a good friend of mine.  He’s a great encourager.  And even though our shows are similar, they are different.  Like my friend Jimmy Burgess says, “I’m not interested in competing with anybody. I hope we all make it.”

* Hobo Entrepreneur: This is a great show!  Keith Nerdin shares his story of hitch hiking around America. It plays like an audio book!  Follow Keith and check out his show.  There’s lots to learn from him!

* The Empowered Podcast: Ellory Wells is one of the most sincere people I’ve met.  His content is top notch.  His episodes are great and it’s all because he leads with a servants heart.  He’s genuinely concerned about each individual. So much can be learned from Ellory. If you’re not following him, make sure you do!

* Daren Streblow Comedy Show Mini Cast: For a guy like me that loves good, clean comedy, this is a good time.  The episodes are relatively short because they are highlights pulled from his radio show. Check it out for some good laughs the whole family can enjoy!

* Marketing Access Pass: Anthony Tran has a niche and does it well.  I love the uniqueness of his show.  Each one is different.  I had the honor to do a short guest spot on serving. He’s a great host and great guest!  If you’d like to be smarter, check this show out for sure!

* Quality Living Made Simple: I love this show because I’m a simple guy haha. Josh Rivers is a great host. This show will help you remember what’s truly important in life.  I also have been listening to Josh’s new podcast called Creative Studio Academy.  It’s an easy one-stop for anyone learning media of any kind. Great stuff all around! I’ve had the honor of guesting on both shows and Josh’s episode on Dream Warriors is the highest ranked to date!

* The Ray Edwards Show: I just recently started listening to this, but I see that all the hype is quite valid!  Ray Edwards is a great guy with a wealth of knowledge.  I love his loving approach of take it or leave it.  Stellar content!

* Real World Marketing: Mark Sieverkropp is a good friend of mine and to the show.  I honestly don’t know that I’d be doing a podcast if it weren’t for him.  He’s helped me in ways he doesn’t even know.  His content is great!  He loves people and truly wants to hlep you grow as a person and with your network!

* Park Leaders: Being an outdoor enthusiast I enjoy what Jody Maberry has going on here.  A great niche and he definitely knows his stuff!  If you love parks and the outdoors, this is right for you!

* This Is Your Life: This is another show I’ve listened to for a long time.  Michael Hyatt does a great job of sharing the details of his failures on the road to success.  His book Platform is a must-read for anyone looking to do some damage online!

So again, if I didn’t list your show or the one you love, I’m sorry.  It’s not personal.  there are so many great shows out there I haven’t tapped in to.  And if you have been on the fence about starting a podcast but want to, I look forward to hearing yours!

Please share with us your favorite shows and have fun in the conversation!!

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029 Anthony Tran: Family Man

AnthonyTranAnthony Tran is a family man and Internet Marketing Coach. His mission is to inspire and help you build and grow your business online so you can live the freedom lifestyle that you’ve always dreamed of!

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MarketingAccessPass.com and listen to the episode I did with Anthony on his podcast Marketing Access Pass! Listen here!

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028 Dream Warriors: A ReLaunch of Sorts

TheDreamWarriors_updated_black_with_Doc_1000x300_website_coverIn this 2:37 episode I share some changes to Dream Warriors moving forward.  Changes I’m excited about!  I’m excited because it involves you! 

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