039 Alba Moesser: Debt Sucks

AlbaMoesserWhat will you be doing at age 85?  Alba Moesser has written a book called ‘Debt Sucks!’  Alba has been working in the world of finance for over 20 years.  She loves helping people in every way and especially getting over the debt hurdle.

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Alba’s book Debt Sucks (check this out!!!) www.albamoesser.com

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038 Nicole Welch: Living A Life Of Service


Nic has a Masters degree in Psychology.  Her research has been published in the American Association of Criminal Justice Journal with her work with youth in Adult Prison.  She has taught and presented at numerous conferences, workshops and seminars both within the U.S and abroad, and has mentored as a certified Life Coach for 3 years.

Nic has started and operating several businesses and founded her own non-profit organization “Servant’s Heart, Inc”. Nic and her husband lived in Honduras for 3 years and spear-headed several social justice projects including building homes, food programs, and starting and directing a Teen Challenge Center for gang members.

In addition to consulting and speaking, Nic is the Creator and Host of the Podcast show Real Time:Real Men Only.  Nic was a Mental Health Therapist in the Psychiatric fields for years and currently teaches Sociology at Florida Southern College in Lakeland, Florida, where she lives with her husband of 17 years and her two beautiful children.

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037 Brandon Young: Comedy As A Business Is No Joke

BrandonYoungBrandon Young isn’t just a comedian. He’s taken his interest in business and comedy and has combined the two!  Listen as Brandon shares about opening his own club, booking “comedy legends”, managing tours all while working as a comedian! Brandon is making business happen and all in the name of laughs!

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Why You Should Make Unplugging A Priority

imageRemember back when peoples’ thoughts weren’t a click away?  Good or bad, you’d have to call or see them in person to hear what they were thinking.  Now we all have a voice online.  We’re free to say anything about anything or anyone.  All the cares and worries of the world are dumped right in front of us.

For me it can be stressful and weigh on myself.  I have to unplug.  When I go visit family I purposely leave my phone and computer either off or in another room.  I want to be available for true conversation with those I love.  But this shouldn’t apply only to vacations.  Most of you know I enjoy fishing.  When I go fishing, 90% of the time I don’t look at my phone outside of checking the time.  It’s a great way for me to unplug for a while, and just relax.

When you’re on a date, leave the phone off or away.  When you’re with your kids, leave the phone away.  Instead of checking whatever online, pour that time into the people who deserve it.  The ones who are right there with you.  They deserve your undivided attention and you deserve theirs.

Change always starts with you.  Make “unplugging” a priority and others will follow.  See how it effects you and those around you.  I promise you’ll see positive change.

Let us know times and ways you make unplugging a priority!  The way you do it could impact other Dream Warriors!